Outdoor space is the new in-space!

At the moment, government guidance allows for essential meetings and training for up to 30 delegates. The good news is event organisers are busy planning for the future and lots of hotels and venues are reporting that their calendars are getting busy with new bookings on top of rescheduled events. And, there’s a new popular place that’s on the lips of event organisers, meeting room bookers and party planners; outdoor space!

Outdoor space

Just as many of us have embraced outdoor space in our personal lives, the outdoor space a venue or hotel can now include in its corporate packages, is certain to be in demand.

The outdoor areas for morning and afternoon breaks don’t need to be a large area; a space where delegates can go in between events will be really welcomed. And as summer is approaching, stepping out of the meeting room and getting some fresh air must be on the agenda! Plus, we don’t think delegates will need much persuading to get outside!

You might want to consider using outdoor space for a pre-event gathering too. Colleagues and delegates are going to be excited to see each other again in this new face-to-face setting. Consider including some social time at the beginning of the day for people to say hello in a private outdoor space. You can also use this outdoor space and this time to remind delegates of the procedures they may need to follow once inside.

We can agree that people will be keen to catch-up after a year of e-meets! If there isn’t time to arrange for this at the beginning of your event, do consider using an outdoor space for a small social gathering at the end of the day.

Outdoor space for dining

We’re now used to eating and drinking in outdoor spaces. Hotels and venues have been busy over the last year with creating safe and comfortable areas that work whatever the weather! Igloos and glam gazebos have been popping up across the UK and we’re excited to include al fresco dining as part of a corporate event. Just let us know your thoughts and ideas and we’ll include this in our venue search proposals.

What’s on the menu

Do you remember the pre-Covid era when the breakfast buffet was an essential part of a hotel overnight stay? Or large-scale event catering consisted of hot and cold buffets and sharing platters? There have been big changes since those old days! And you’ll soon discover that chefs and creatives have not been idle during lockdown! Cooked to order and ‘grab and go’ are dishes firmly established on today’s menu.

And the good news is as part of our venue sourcing, fact-finding process, we’ll include all the catering options available for your guests and delegates at different hotels and venues. And don’t for one moment think that event catering has got boring! Fuelling delegates with ‘brain food’ is never off the menu.

Embracing outdoor spaces for dining have always been an option, from picnics to hog roasts and BBQs. As a result of the virus, hotels and venues are optimising their outdoor spaces. This means it’s now even easier to create a memorable atmosphere and environment that’s conducive to a corporate event too.  

Plus, today’s menus are still sizzling with exciting and safe catering to impress guests!

Test conference

There’s a test conference with 1,000 delegates taking place in Liverpool this week. Social distancing rules are being scrapped and attendees will not need to wear masks but lateral tests will be conducted on arrival and followed up a few days later. There’s various ‘experiments’ going on during the event, including how laughter might affect the transmission of the Coronavirus.

It’s a big moment on the roadmap to recovery, it’s a huge moment for the MICE industry and we’re crossing everything for a safe and successful event for all involved.

If you’d like help sourcing a safe venue, planning for a future event or would just like to discuss the options available now or in the coming months, do please get in touch.

Our service is free and we’d love to work with you.

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