Liverpool Venues with Kudos

Three Unique Liverpool Venues with Kudos

It’s not difficult to find three unique Liverpool venues with kudos! Liverpool must surely be one of those cities that never strikes a blank. Such is the city’s fame and kudos, you could travel the world mentioning Liverpool and people will instantly think Liverpool Football Club. They think The Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Cilla and the Cavern, Crabbies Grand National and maybe even a ferry across the Mersey. This former European Capital of Culture is always exciting visitors with new cultural initiatives and exhibitions; from tall sailing ships at Albert Dock to the crowd pleasing Giants trilogy that

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Venues for St George’s Day

St George’s Day is finally here and while we’re celebrating the anniversary of the patron saint, we’re also going to shine a spotlight on some of the famous Georges that England calls its own. With a focus on the town or county these people are connected to, we delve into hotels and venues with conference facilities that can be used for St George’s Day or any day of the working week! And just for fun, see how many song titles you can identify that are connected to the famous Georges in this blog post! The novelist George! We start off

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This is why Liverpool has such amazing venues

Prestige and panache are infused in the very air that flows through the borders of Liverpool, right into the heart of the city and its residents. Celebrations get all the more memorable when you take them to an iconic venue. Every day, the most prestigious and amazing venues in the city open their doors and their arms to welcome hundreds of excited guests into sprawling wedding banquet halls, futuristic conference halls, intimate meeting rooms and chic reception areas. Liverpool offers you a healthy mix of elegant, affordable, spacious and unique venues for all your conferences, private parties, social gatherings and

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