Top Three Museum Venues

Top Three Museum Venues in London

Museums are special places where the past and present meet. Seriously, we cannot find a better space for new beginnings and celebrations than a beautiful building housing the relics of yesteryears. Apart from letting you explore the mysteries and magic of Britain’s glorious history, these museums double up as breathtakingly beautiful venues. Here are the top three museum venues in London that offer their esteemed spaces for hire.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is situated on Exhibition Road in South Kennington. It’s perhaps one of the most elegant and domineeringly beautiful museums of England and there’s no wonder this falls into our top four museums in London! The front-side of the building falls on Cromwell Road. Additionally, the museum is home to over 80 million specimens from different fields of study such as botany, zoology, palaeontology and mineralogy.

Huge dinosaur skeletons, endless aisles of paintings and extensive libraries make the museum a perfect setting for history buffs and nature lovers to host parties. Not many people can say that the 25m skeleton of a Blue Whale witnessed their wedding vows can they! The soaring arches and gilt gold ceilings of the main hall bear a striking resemblance to that of the interiors of MACUSA (or as the Muggles would call it – America’s Ministry of Magic) and are an absolute treat for the Potterheads.

For all its grandeur, the Natural History Museum can be surprisingly intimate as a venue for your important social events. Clients get a choice of five stunning venue spaces, each equipped with the best facilities. The iconic Hintze Hall, the galleries, and the Flett Events Theatre are all available for hire. All these venues are the perfect places to host weddings, award ceremonies, corporate meetings and charity balls.

The Hintze Hall can accommodate about 1,200 people. For smaller gatherings, you can choose from the numerous galleries such as Earth’s Treasury or Images of Nature, built for 20 or more people. The versatile Darwin Centre is also a new addition to the museum, perfect for outdoor events and garden parties.

HM Tower of London

HM Tower of London

The HM Tower of London has been established for over 1,000 years, anchored securely along the banks of the River Thames. The tall stone tower building has a long and dramatic history of royal conspiracies, ceremonies and sieges, and is home to the most exquisite crown jewels. Over the years, the location has mellowed down to become a venerable venue suitable for weddings and conferences. Who knew that the historic castle that once housed the deadliest criminals would one day be the perfect venue for hosting lavish parties?

The banquet halls and meeting suites can accommodate up to 2,000 guests. Crystal chandeliers, winding staircases, hardwood ballrooms, spacious dining areas and stunning galleries – all strive to provide guests with the complete royal experience.  The White Tower is the centrepiece of this museum with a capacity of accommodating 250 guests for a reception and about 80 guests for dinner. The King’s Great Hall on the first floor is great for hosting receptions; however, the venue is available only in the evenings.

The Armoury Space offers a bird’s eye view of the castle’s surroundings and can house 300 guests for a reception. It is difficult to get hold of the Fusiliers as these halls usually host important regiment functions. The lucky few who manage to hire this venue might find its strategic location especially useful as the Fusiliers offer a wonderful vantage point of the White Towers and Waterloo Barracks.  Plus, there’s also a moat that can be hired to stage public events like Tower Music Festival and Tower Ice Rink.

The Magic Circle

Just when you thought that things couldn’t be more magical, it’s time to be introduced to The Magic Circle, a museum dedicated to promoting the art of magic. Located in the heart of London, the museum is surprisingly private. The venue is a minute’s walk from the Euston Station, hidden behind door number 12. It is also well-connected to Kings Cross, St. Pancras and the Oxford Circus.  Magicians and illusionists from across the globe meet up at the Magic Circle to share their secrets and improvise their tricks. The headquarters has even won many accolades for its impeccable services and interesting décor.

The Magic Circle is extremely intimate and secretive. Only a select few can make it to the inner circle of magicians. For all others, you can still hire the museum for hosting parties, corporate meetings and other events. There are four unique event rooms and theatre spaces available for hire. The event halls at Magic Circle can accommodate groups of 6 to 160 people at a time. You can even request the magicians to perform at your event and entertain the guests albeit at extra charges.

The first thing you see inside the Magic Circle is the “floating” staircase, an enchanting piece of art that leads you to the venue halls upstairs. Each of the four rooms has a distinct character and theme.

The venue includes a clubroom, a well-stocked bar, a conference hall and banquet halls for its inhabitants. And with a team of professional event planners at your disposal, be assured that it would be a memorable party.

The Bottom Line

A couple of years back, even the thought of hosting a corporate conference or wedding in a museum was unthinkable. Lucky for you, times have changed. Today, museums have opened doors to event planners and art lovers around the world. These London museums are private, pristine, and perfect for any event.

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