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Five Unique Venues in Manchester

One of the largest industrial hubs in the country, unique venues in Manchester are becoming a popular choice for event organisers. Also known for its rich history and amazing architecture, it has some of the best event venues in England. Some of these venues have been established for hundreds of years while others are new concept design locations.

Those that have stood the test of time have witnessed some of the greatest moments in history. One thing that they all deliver on is the facilities. They can all comfortably handle both large-scale and small-scale events. All the services are handled by professionals who understand the full process of what it takes to make an event outstanding.

Whether you are visiting on a personal trip or for a business conference, we have handpicked five unique venues in Manchester that will give you a memorable experience.

Imperial War Museum North-Manchester

Five Unique Venues in Manchester - Imperial War Museum North-Manchester

The Imperial War Museum which is also referred to as IWM North is like no other. Once you step inside, you will immediately have the wow-factor with so much to see. It actually feels like you are in a film studio. The IWM North is the perfect unique venue in Manchester for historic conflict enthusiasts but equally for professional entertainment filming.

The Big Picture Show is a fantastic experience where you can use footage and images from the IWM North archive to create your own experience which will be projected on to their 27ft high walls and a 360-degree coverage for a cinematic experience. Various short films are usually showcased at the Big Picture Show to pass a social message through themes of remembrance and separation. These films will leave you speechless and very emotional from previous conflicts that have taken part around the world.

As a venue for a business conference, team meetings or private special occasions, you can arrange a unique experience with the help of the on-site technical team. Develop the perfect assortment of HD wallpapers, short video clips and sounds to make your event memorable to all your guests.

For catering support, Tony (Head Chef), will take care of all your meal requirements with some of the finest cuisines the UK has to offer. Tony has consistently impressed  guests for over 10 years.

Victoria Warehouse

Five Unique Venues in Manchester - Victoria Warehouse

The Victoria Warehouse is a venue where your imagination can come to life and is the heart and soul of the city. Host to a collection of events for some of the biggest brands in the United Kingdom and abroad, it is one of the few venues that can handle any event type; be it corporate, sports or entertainment events. This venue can literally be transformed into any themed event.

The Victoria Warehouse is very much a historic building that was constructed over a hundred years ago. This venue is extremely large and can hold thousands of guests for galas, weddings and music concerts.

Events held at the Victoria Warehouse would be nothing if not for the amazing support team behind it. They will provide you with event preparation support every step of the way to make sure that your event is a memorable occasion for your guests. The organisers know the perfect recipe for uniqueness and despite the available expansive space at the venue, they also create memorable smaller conference arrangements as well as private special occasions.

Some of the facilities available to you are free wifi, free onsite parking, a large screen TV as well as entertainment at the bar to relax and enjoy with your friends.

Manchester City Football Club

Five Unique Venues in Manchester - Manchester City Football Club

Etihad Stadium is home to one of the biggest and most valuable football clubs on the planet and definitely a unique venue in Manchester! They have lifted the Premier League trophy a total of three times in a span of six years. Holding a prestigious event under their facilities is an honour for any major football fan. The stadium is a state of the art facility that can host important business functions such as product launches, exhibitions, and office conferences. It is also an excellent location for a grand wedding.

There are six executive suites for you to choose from. Each one of these has a different feel and will provide your event with a different kind of uniqueness. If you would like to enjoy evening drinks with your associates as you enjoy the view of the pitch, the Mancunian Suite will suit you perfectly. You will be surrounded by glass for the ideal view from all corners. The Commonwealth Suite, on the other hand, will remind you of why you fell in love with the beautiful game of football in the first place. This suite is ideal for large events.

Those who prefer small intimate meetings or social gatherings will appreciate the Platinum boxes and smaller conference rooms. All the 66 boxes available offer the best possible view of the pitch with the capability of sustaining numerous events at the same time.

Accessing the Etihad Stadium is quite easy. It is close to the City Centre and sits right by the roadside. Those from outside the city can jet in via the Manchester International Airport or use the railway as there are two stations in the vicinity. Large events mean thousands of vehicles coming into the city and here the parking space available can comfortably sit 2,500 cars and is absolutely free.

Manchester Central

Five Unique Venues in Manchester - Manchester Central

While at the Manchester Central, there are over 2,500 bedrooms at your disposal. They are all 5 minutes away. So, regardless of how late into the night your event goes, you and your guests are well accommodated. Manchester Central is one of those venues that are hard to miss. Just like the Victoria Warehouse, it forms part of the city’s history. It boasts over 130 years to its name. It has been well-maintained,and it looks even brighter than ever this year. Manchester Central hosts everything from conferences, International Expo’s, gala dinners, weddings, music concerts and many meetings. No event is too large or small for this venue to handle.

Manchester Central is a clear landmark. You can identify this venue by its historic arches and clockface. Its facilities include an auditorium, an exhibition area and numerous halls. The Exchange Auditorium seats 804 people. The exhibition area covers a total of 1,800 square metres which is plenty of space for any major local or international exhibition. The Exchange Hall and the Central Hall cover all the large-scale events. Exchange seats 1,200 people while Central has a 10,000 square metre column that can be divided in any possible combination to offer excellent flexibility.

There is a suite that covers all the smaller-scale events and conferences, where these come to life courtesy of the experienced professionals who work together as a team. They help in creating ideas and then implement the perfect custom-made event that stands out from any other.

It is easy to see why the Manchester Central is such a popular venue; the social atmosphere is always right and the environment is super conducive for networking.

The Midland

Five Unique Venues in Manchester - The Midland

What do Rolls Royce and Winston Churchill have in common? The answer is The Midland Hotel. Churchill was of course an incredible politician who was known for his memorable speeches and one of these actually took place at the Midland Hotel. Henry Royce and Charles Rolls were first introduced to each other at the Midland hotel before they historically combined forces to create one of the most-respected motor vehicle brands in the world. These two events alone have given The Midland a seat at the high table when it comes to the go-to venue for high-end business and social functions. Politicians also seem to like this venue as it has witnessed numerous parliamentary events.

The meeting of Henry and Charles explains why The Midland hotel has remained one of the must-visit meeting points in the city. For starters, the Manchester Central sits on the opposite side. All the popular car parks in the city centre are found within walking distance. It is also close to two train stations; Piccadilly and Oxford Street.

There are 14 rooms that can host conferences and other kinds of events whether small or large. Some of the largest events take place at the Alexandra Suite which welcomes up to 700 attendees and you can move away from the crowd and enjoy a drink at the bar section as you enjoy the view of the street.

Being a guest at the Midland Hotel will reward you the best services money can buy. You can take the party to your room with champagne delivery if the mood takes you. The hotel will cater for your transportation to the airport and back. If you wish to take your visit in style, you can hire a limousine. Don’t forget to sample all the English and French cuisines prepared by the in-house catering team.

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