Dare to scare delegates at Halloween

Dare to scare delegates at Halloween!

This month introduce a cauldron of tricks or treats into the meeting room if you dare to scare your delegates for Halloween! Hold a breakfast hang-out in a haunted hotel, a get together where VIP ghouls gather or cast a spooky spell over a boardroom meeting! Of course, you can always arrange a corporate event for Halloween with a themed party too!

Launched in 1843, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s SS Great Britain was the world’s first ocean liner. It carried immigrants to Australia, transported troops during the Crimean War and was the scene to some tragic deaths, including children, sailors and the ship’s captain.

Nowadays the beautifully restored ship is on display at the Great Western Dock in Bristol where tales and rumours of ghosts regularly surface. Sightings of a sailor in the gantries, heavy footsteps heard in the Forward Hold and the ship’s Promenade Deck, plus door handles moving up and down on their own accord are just a few of the spine chilling reports made over the last few decades. There are some security officers who now refuse to go onboard having been spooked!

SS Great Britain casts a spell beyond Halloween

Available for a range of meetings and events, including Halloween and exclusive Christmas parties, the SS Great Britain is a unique setting for a drinks reception, dinner or corporate celebration. For smaller meetings and conferences, the new museum Being Brunel is available and offers event organisers state-of-the-art facilities in bright and spacious rooms where there is nowhere for ghosts to hide!

If you dare to scare your delegates for Halloween at this iconic ship, day rates start from £35. Prices for exclusive evening parties start at £60 per person, private lunches start from £45 per person and evening drinks receptions from £32 per person.

Dare to scare delegates at Britain’s most haunted hotel?

Liverpool has a long association with the ill-fated ship Titanic; the managing company White Star Line had its offices in Liverpool, the famous ship was registered in the city and carried the Liverpool name on her stern. Many of the crew also came from the city.

According to some paranormal investigators, the Adelphi Hotel and Spa in Liverpool takes the title of the most haunted hotel in Britain with some of the spooky sightings being explained by the city’s connections to the Titanic.

For a long time, it was thought the hotel featured a suite that was a copy of the Titanic’s first class smoking lounge. This has been proved untrue but the hotel was the place to stay for wealthy passengers embarking on journeys to North America.

Narrowly surviving the blitz of Liverpool in 1941, the current building is actually the third reincarnation of the property. The original Adelphi was built in the 1800s and after a slow start, by the time of the second coming of the hotel, a excellent reputation for style and its services were reaching across the world.

Adelphi Hotel for Halloween

In terms of event facilities for a Halloween gathering, a large-scale conference, training days and meetings, the Adelphi Hotel and Spa has so much to offer today’s delegates. With a maximum capacity of 550 people, the hotel is one of Liverpool’s largest. We recommend you let the expert events team at the hotel guide you through the huge range of rooms available. That way you can be sure of setting the right backdrop for your event. And if you do want to get your delegates on their guard, tell them to look out for naval officers and a grey lady in a Victorian dress. And if your guests say they have a sinking feeling this could be because the current building was built the same year that the Titanic sunk!

A haunted hotel that nips!

An event in a castle is always going to bring a sense of anticipation for possible ghost sightings and things that go bump in the night. And a castle that was owned by the family of Robert the Bruce will surely add to the anticipation! Add in the prospect of ghosts and ghouls coming out for Halloween and the chilling possibilities may soon become a realistic apparition!

But how about an invitation to a meeting at a castle where the ghost of a roaming dog lurks? And for some, a nip of the ankles as well as a nip in the air could be felt! A dare to scare your delegates for Halloween is certainly easier at this castle!

The 14th century Airth Castle near Stirling certainly offers a stunning setting. It has superb meeting and event spaces, and the award-winning hotel can host up to 400 delegates attending a conference. A range of delicious dining options are available for delegates and guests too.

Located just one hour from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, delegates staying on the 24-hour package will perhaps want to avoid guest rooms 3, 9 and 23 if they want a peaceful nights’ sleep. However, if the sounds of children and their nanny don’t bring fear to delegates, book them into these rooms!

Not just for Halloween!

Our spirited team of Findmeaconference specialists are happy to help will any meeting room searches and event hire spaces. Whether you want somewhere for Halloween, a boardroom meeting, conference or Christmas party, they will find your next event space. And what’s more, their expert searching is all free! Find out more here

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