London’s Top Three Spooky Halloween Venues

Mad monarchs, avenging ghouls, cunning vampires, spooky witches and more– these supernatural creatures are peppered all over history and literature in the UK. And if you ever happen to be in London on 31 October, you can witness Halloween horror on the streets! For Halloween is the night when the dead come back to life and want to party. Witches soar above your head, spirits are whirling all around, ghosts are out in the open having a ball. And you? You’re sipping on cocktails and maybe showing some of those scary moves on the dance floor! Here are a few top venues for hosting a hair-raising Halloween’s party that you should check out:

Natural History Museum for an event at Halloween

Natural History Museum for a Halloween eventFirst on our list is the spectacular Natural History Museum. The intimidating and enchanting building is proof enough why museums are excellent venues for these events. To put it simply, the site is magical, guaranteeing a frighteningly good time, especially at Halloween. Trust us, a night at the museum might be fun both on screen and off. More on the setting and site in detail below.

The Setting

At a glance, Kennington seems to be an uneventful place, but a closer look reveals how the neighbourhood was usurped by the supernatural. Eerie dingy underground tunnels, an endless array of spirits and specters and a few urban myths can give even the most gallant people the heebie-jeebies. Some people have claimed to spot the ghost of George II on the roof of Kennington Palace. There have been a few local sightings of a ghostly pair – a man in white and an elderly lady- strolling down the courtyards. Others have heard screams echo through the halls of the building.

The Venue

The Natural History Museum is located on the Exhibition Road in South Kennington, although the main entrance is close to Cromwell Road. The architecture is the perfect blend of the simple and the sublime – the front-side, the building looks more like a gothic castle (especially with the spectacular lights) and less like a museum. The numerous galleries and aisles house over 80 million specimens of plants, animal fossils, skeletons, artifacts and paintings. Plus, there are endless passages, meandering staircases, huge halls, an intricate network of rooms and a huge library – it sets the mood for Halloween perfectly.

The Events

Nothing is scarier than sharing a dimly lit room with lifelike dinosaur models and ghostly pale paintings. The interior décor compliments the stunning architecture outside. The Hintze Hall, with a huge blue whale skeleton chandelier (added only after the renovation project of 2017), is the perfect space for hosting large gatherings. The Flett Events Theatre is built to host grand events like elite weddings, award ceremonies, galas, and charity balls. The Earth Hall and galleries offer a more intimate atmosphere for entertaining colleagues and business partners while the picturesque gardens outside are more suitable for intimate summer parties. Other rooms like the Fossil Way, North Hall, Earth’s Treasury and the Darwin Centre are a few other museum spaces for hire. What’s more, you even get a team of professional event planners and caterers at your disposal!

HM Tower of London

The HM Tower of London features on our list of scariest places in London and rightfully so. Imagine being trapped in Westeros, caught amongst the scheming and the sieges of kingdoms. Scary but tempting right? The HM Tower of London offers all that and more. Here’s all you need to know about the Tower and why is it a killer venue for your Halloween parties.

HM Tower of London for a spooky Halloween eventThe Setting

The Tower of London has been at the heart of the country’s history for over a thousand years and it still manages to give us the chills! The stone walls of the castle have seen their fair share of blood, gore, fights, reconciliations, clandestine romances, and of course, ghosts. Built sometime in the 11th century by William the Conqueror, the fortress was a symbol of power and oppression. The first sighting of supernatural activity dates back to the reign of Henry III when the angry ghost of St. Thomas Beckett smote a wall with his cross and demolished it to a pile of rubble.

Since then, there have been numerous sightings of other spirits like the ghost of Lady Jane Grey, Queen Anne Boleyn and Queen Catherine Howard who were executed on the Tower Green.

The Venue

HM Tower of London Medieval banquetDespite its grim and dark reputation as a place of torture and executions, the HM Tower of London has come a long way from its dramatic history and is now recognised as a luxurious event space. The tall stone towers, located in Central London, are anchored along the banks of the River Thames. Designed like any other medieval castle with tall brick towers, a pull-over bridge and a moat underneath – the HM Tower of London looks deceptively calm. A closer look at its dramatic history reveals otherwise. The fort wasn’t always so hospitable and venerable to its guests. It has witnessed numerous invasions, sieges, conspiracies, and ceremonies over the years before modern renovators mellowed the palace down.

The Events

The HM Tower of London appeals to our inner Ghostbuster, we are lured in by the lore associated with the palace. The numerous tales of torture and cruelty, of avenging spirits and evil ghosts that haunt the towers and its inhabitants. And what’s more, the building now uses state-of-art technology to provide catering and conferencing facilities. The new armories retain their hardwood floors, crystal chandeliers, and octagonal posts. The galleries and banqueting halls are big enough to accommodate about 2,000 guests at a time! The outdoor event space includes the magnificent gardens and a moat where you can host intimate Halloween parties and music festivals. For formal events, the top floors have smaller conference rooms with a capacity of roughly 100 guests, plus a boardroom for private corporate meetings.

De Vere Devonport House

Last but not the least, the De Vere Devonport House is a venue for people who have outgrown trick-or-treating! The venue is the perfect alternative for anyone who wants to break free from the loud Halloween parties and flambouyent costumes. Enjoy Hallows-Eve the old school way with spooky tales by the fire and warm cups of coffee. Read on to know more about the venue, its location and the events you can organize here.

De Vere Devonport House for a Halloween Event

The Setting

Almost every hill in the Greenwich area has its own collections of phantoms. The city is peppered with dark tunnels, rolling plains and historic architecture that would interest every history fan. The Vanbrugh Hills, Shooter’s Hill, Point Hill and Vermont House are few of places where people have spotted some eerie sightings. From the ghost of the young woman haunting the Shooter’s Hill, shot by her lover in 1830s, to the strange lights and sounds echoing from the underground at Point Hill – ghosts seem to love the city of Greenwich. So, if you find yourself in London on Halloween you know where to go to spot some ghosts.

The Venue

The De Vere Devonport House, located at the foot of Greenwich Park, was once a part of the Royal Naval College. The tall red-bricked building with its white columns and symmetrical architecture is quintessentially Victorian. Built sometime in 1783, the building started out as a hospital and is now considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The infrastructure has undergone a few renovations over the years, incorporating a few modern changes without discarding the antique features inherent in its architecture. It brings together the best of both worlds – the rich maritime setting blends seamlessly with the modern designs that were interspersed in the décor later.

The Events

The venue is open for weddings, corporate events, meetings, training programs, seminars and of course for parties. The tastefully done décor features oak-paneled walls, hardwood floors and chandeliers on the ceiling. The suites are named after famous people from history and have little trinkets and anecdotes for guests. The Churchill Suite, for instance, has a private entrance, while the Hamilton and Nelson suites with their Georgian windows are large enough to accommodate 100 people. The gardens outside are better suited for larger, informal gatherings. We love the small cemetery, that is housing figures like Admiral Hardy, Lord Admiral Nelson, and other prominent navy officers of the time. The place encapsulates the spirit of Halloween, offering guests the unique combination of spookiness and solace.

The Bottom Line for Halloween

The city of London has its fair share of horrors and gore. Especially when it’s all-Hallows Eve! Head out to these three venues to experience the chills and thrills of Halloween. We guarantee you’d have a terrifyingly terrific time!

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