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Hosting a Hybrid Meeting

Hybrid meetings are certainly taking off as we come to the end of 2020 and there’s sure to be a permanent place in the meeting and events industry for this newer form of safe gatherings. A hybrid meeting is a fusion of socially distanced people located in one place, who are presenting to a larger number of individuals working from home. Or they could be based in another office anywhere in the world. Hybrid meetings are the meetings and events industry way of providing a Covid safe environment for up to 30 people to meet in one place. And add

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Chef Interview at Concorde Conference Centre

Meet the Head Chef at Concorde Conference Centre!

The Concorde Conference Centre is a historic and memorable backdrop for a variety of events! Based at Manchester Airport, it’s home to the purpose-built super hanger which contains the legendary flagship of the British Airways’ fleet, the Concorde G-BOAC! To get your next event off to a flying start, host your meeting or conference under the wings of a world-famous aircraft! Known for first-class catering, there is a selection of tempting menus for event organisers to choose from. The Business Take Off Buffet, Conference Refreshment Menu and Lunch and Dinner Menu are just a few options! To find out more on

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