Australian Bushfires have us #UniteForAustralia

Australian Bushfires have us #UniteForAustralia

After seeing all of the devastating news and footage about the Australian bushfires, we’ve decided to ditch our regular fundraising event this January. Instead, we’re going to host a couple of events to show our support for #UniteForAustralia. Moreover, as it’s the people and wildlife in Australia that are affected by the bushfires, it’s important for us to support people and animals.

Firstly, we’ve chosen the Australian Red Cross who help with reuniting families and finding them a safe place to stay. And secondly, we’re supporting WIRES Wildlife Rescue. This organisation helps with the rehabilitation of injured Australian wildlife.

How the Australian bushfires have got us to #UniteForAustralia

With Australia Day coming up on Sunday, organising events in the office around this date feel like a natural decision. Furthermore, we want the teams at Findmeahotelroom, Findmeaconference and Infotel as well as Infotel Solutions to get involved so our fundraising events need to be accessible and fun. That’s why we’re keeping it simple with an Australian dress down on Friday 24 January. Will we have some crocodile Dundee lookalikes in the office? Maybe even a surfer or two!

Our second event for #UniteForAustralia is on Monday 27 January and is all about food! We have some amazing cooks who love to get creative with their pastry cutters, cheesecakes and cupcakes! We’re confident our bake sale will raise a few pounds one way or another! Keep an eye on our social media as we share updates!

So, just why has #UniteForAustralia got our teams stirred up? Read on as a few of our business development, marketing and accounts teams tell more…

Jack D

“As an animal and earth lover, it breaks my heart to see all of the pain and suffering the Australian wildlife has endured. I feel everyone should help in any way they can. From raising money to conserving and protecting to simply spreading awareness of what’s going on out there. It’s our responsibility to support this incredible planet and all of the creatures that walk upon it.”


“Because of the history there is between the UK and Australia and the large expat communities in both countries, it feels really important that we should show our support now and in the future with more long-term activities like replanting and of course, visiting Australia and supporting tourism too.”


“I fell in love with Australia on my travels in April 2012. It’s a fabulous country, with amazing areas of outstanding natural beauty and wonderful wildlife which you can see in my holiday photos (above and below).

“The areas along the coast line between Melbourne and Sydney, like Batemans Bay, have been affected by the Australian bushfires. They will desperately need the tourism to help them get back on their feet after this devastating disaster. 

“This is why I shall be supporting #UniteForAustralia and participating in the fundraising efforts at Infotel Solutions Ltd on the 24 and 27 January.”

Jack W

“The Australian bushfires are a real wake-up call for us to evaluate our impact on the planet through current behaviour and attitudes. I have been a wildlife lover all my life and it’s hard to watch. This country, that was home to one of the most diverse ecosystems, is now being ravaged by fires caused by rising temperatures. 

“While the fires has caused widespread devastation, we are still yet to see what new threats will occur once the fires fade and rain falls. Ash, soot and other remains are going to be washed into the waterways and this is sure to cause contaminants in the water supply as well as vastly affect the fish.”


“It is deeply saddening to hear about the massive level of destruction caused by the Australian bushfires at the moment. Huge displacement of families and widespread habitat destruction for wildlife is devastating. I think it’s important that we support those working on the front line to rescue and evacuate people in danger. And to help rebuild the landscape once the fires have moved through. Every little helps, even just spreading the word!”


“Seeing the heartbreaking footage of families being stranded on beaches and the powerful images of Koala bears being rescued by the brave fire rescue team speaks a thousand words. It is painful to know we can’t help as much as we would like too. I am happy to be supporting Infotel Solutions Ltd in their fundraising activities for the Australian bushfires”

#UniteForAustralia from Down Under!

We also have a previous team member out in Australia at the moment! Here Nicole tells us more.

“My first week in Australia has taught me a lot! From the heritage and history of the country through to the incredible wildlife that I’ll see as I continue to travel. There is a very friendly atmosphere here and I’m excited to discover more, such as Sydney, Cairns and Byron Bay.

“The Australian bushfires are having an awful impact on certain areas in the country. However, it’s clear that those living in these areas are still encouraging people to travel. There is a huge push in raising money for the natural disaster and supporting locals as much as possible. Also we’re encouraged to add a couple of dollars extra onto our food bills or buy charity items so that the money goes directly to helping wildlife. It’s been a real eye opener.”

We’d love to hear from any local businesses or organisations in Lincolnshire. And OTAs or hotel agencies who would like to unite with us for Australia. Maybe you have your own fundraising events planned? Leave a comment below to tell us more. And if you see any of our #UniteFor Australia social media please give us a like or a retweet! You’ll find us here: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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