5 Unusual Venues For A 30th Birthday Party

A person’s 30th birthday is a huge milestone. Young adulthood is now over and you’re in the prime of your life, so it’s definitely a time to celebrate! Now that you’re getting older, you’re going to want to celebrate in a location that emphasizes who you are! You need to find a venue that demonstrates maturity, class and fun all in one place! While this may seem like an impossible task, we have plenty of great options!

Unusual Venues for a 30th Birthday Party

England and Scotland offer a variety of venues to choose from, so how do you know which one is the best for you? You want to find a location that matches your personal style and allows you to have the party of your dreams with the all the activities that you want to include. You also have to consider location and area that suits your needs the best.

Here are five amazing venues available and what makes them so special. You are sure to find the venue that’s right for you!

Cosmopolitan Hotel

Celebrate your birthday in a luxurious, modern hotel with all of the facilities and accommodation you could ever want at the Cosmopolitan Hotel! The building shines in the evening with lights that emphasize its beautiful architecture. The grounds are absolutely stunning, so there are plenty of great picture opportunities for you and your friends.

The Cosmopolitan for a 30th Birthday celebration

Of course, there is also a nice restaurant and bar for your 30th birthday celebrations! The wine list has more than 40 different wines to choose from, but the signature drink is the Cosmopolitan. Naturally!

As the name suggests, the hotel offers elegance and class. It’s located in Leeds, and this hotel is where you want to go if you want to make an impression. Luckily, you can enjoy all the sites of Leeds while you are here. It’s also not too far for people to travel.

The best part is that people are free to stay at one of the 64 rooms in the hotel after the festivities. You may even want to keep the celebrations going. Luckily, the Cosmopolitan Hotel offers champagne in your room. Parking is only £1.

Friendly staff will be able to help you create a night that you and your loved ones won’t forget!

Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club

For something elegant with up market quality have your birthday celebrations at the stunning Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club. The building will make you think that you’re in a castle with its brick exterior,  tower architecture and  the 1,000 acres of land within the hotel’s grounds. You can even get a beautiful background of Edinburgh Castle and the Forth Bridges in your milestone party photos.

Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club for milestone Birthday celebrationsPerfect for your Scottish event or people who wish to celebrate Scottish culture, there are plenty of opportunities for fun, food, and drinks. It’s especially great for people who want to enjoy the multiple golf courses. You can even ask about a bouncy castle (who says 30 is too old for a bouncy castle?), paintball, go-karting, and a variety of other activities are available. It’s easy to utilize the 1,000 acres at Dalmahoy and it certainly provides you with plenty of unique opportunities that other venues cannot offer.

There is no charge for parking so your guests won’t have to worry about that. There’s also a bar and restaurant if you want to host the party at the hotel. There are also 215 rooms for people who want to stay the night. You can even use the exercise facilities for some pre-party fitness or maybe a post-party cure!

London Marriott West India Quay

For the city dweller, the London Marriott West India Quay is in the bustling London business district of Canary Wharf. The contemporary atmosphere is perfect for an adult who enjoys the wonders of modern life but wants to portray style and sophistication!London Marriott West India Quays

If your idea of an ideal birthday dinner is steak, you’re definitely going to want to eat at the Manhattan Grill which is conveniently located right inside the hotel. And if you’re a Gin lover,  you can sip one of the 180 different types of Gin available!

The team at London Marriott West India Quays is ready to help you organise your function in any of the 19 event rooms. The maximum capacity at this Canary Wharf hotel is 290 people, so you can invite everybody on your guest list! They can even provide you with a personal event planner to make your event exactly how you pictured it.

Themed party decorations at London Marriott West India QuaysIf you’re looking for things to do in the area before or after your party, there’s plenty considering you’re downtown London! Look at the stars at the Royal Observatory or the Peter Harrison Planetarium. You can also check out Canary Wharf or the River Thames Cruise if you have a fondness for the water. Finally, shoppers will enjoy over 120 stands at Greenwich Market.

Back at the Canary Wharf hotel, there are 301 en-suite rooms for you and your party to overnight in. All rooms are amazingly beautiful with impressive facilities. There is a parking charge of 1 euro so be sure to let your guests know to expect that before they arrive.

Village Hotel Blackpool Herons Reach

Is your 30th birthday during the summer? Than you might want to take advantage of the amazing 21-meter swimming pool at the Village Hotel Blackpool Herons Reach. You and your friends can enjoy the summer sunshine in your swimsuits! There are plenty of beach chairs and tables to allow people to relax and unwind as well as swim, play, tan and eat and drink!

What to do if rains on your birthday!

If the weather changes, don’t worry! There’s plenty to do indoors, too. Enjoy the spa, massage room, quiz nights and a variety of other activities for you and your guests to enjoy. Village Hotel Blackpool Herons Reach
This is also a great place to host a large celebration. The Inspiration Suite can accommodate as many as 600 people. Dining is perfect for the person who likes an unpretentious menu options with the Village Grill and Village Pub. The food is immaculate, but you won’t feel like you have to dress up. Parking is free too. The rooms provide amazing facilities that include free WiFi, large screen TVs and homemade cookies!

If you’re looking to find things to do in the area, you are in luck! Check out the Blackpool Zoo, Stanley Park, Blackpool Tower and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. These activities are great if you and your guests have children.

Belton Woods Hotel and Country Club

Belton Woods Hotel and Country Club is a great option for people who want a relaxing countryside location with plenty of outdoor activities. This resort is in Lincolnshire, far enough away from the city to avoid the crowds and the noise, but close enough for people to travel.

Belton Woods Hotel & Country ClubThere are ten different multi-purpose rooms of varying sizes and purposes, so you are sure to have a room that will be perfect for you and your guests.

The on-site beer garden is a pleasant space for enjoying a pint or a glass of wine. There’s also a restaurant and bar for later in the evening that serves  elegant food and drinks.

If you want to organise some activities, talk to the staff about using the golf courses, archery, shooting range and cycling opportunities. If you prefer, you can relax in the spa or get a massage. Later, you may even be able to catch some live music. There is even a play area for children if anyone can’t find a babysitter in time for the birthday celebrations.

Enjoy the country club feel as you explore the grounds. You could walk around the beautifully manicured gardens and fields while you talk with friends and wait for the next activity.

There are 136 en-suite rooms available for you and your guests and free parking.

If you are looking for things to do in the area the most popular option is to visit Nottingham and visit the Tales of Robin Hood. You can also visit the beautiful Belvoir Castle as well as the Burghley House.

When you close your eyes and picture your 30th birthday party, what do you see? Do you see green fields and golf courses? Or an elegant dining hall? Perhaps your vision is of a room with an amazing view of London? Maybe you’d prefer to be tanning by a pool? You can have whatever party you want with one of these five beautiful and fun party locations. This is a special time for you so go all out and have a 30th birthday that you will always remember. Your twenties may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun! Make your 30s even better than your 20s and do it in style!

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