Latest statement: COVID-19

UPDATED 24 March 2020: We have key teams working from home to deliver our reservations services. Clients who still require accommodation or meeting space should contact the teams via company booking portals or through the following methods:

Findmeahotelroom reservations 01775 843402, Monday to Friday, 8.30am -5.30pm

Infotel reservations 01775 843413, Monday to Friday, 9.00am -5.00pm

Findmeaconference enquiries 01775 843410, Monday to Friday, 9.00am -5.00pm

We shall continue to put our teams health and safety at the forefront of delivering our services. We are in contact with hotels on an almost minute by minute basis with updates on how they are operating or if they are temporarily closed so we are in a good position with receiving the latest news from hotels and venues.

We shall continue to follow government advice and review how we are delivering our services. If you have any queries or you’re a key worker struggling to find accommodation please contact us on 01775 843418 and we shall do all we can to help you.



We would like to assure all our clients and partners that it is business as usual in our Lincolnshire office during the Coronavirus outbreak.

For our clients, our Infotel, Findmeahotelroom and Findmeaconference reservation teams are available Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm with our normal out-of-hours service available for account managed clients.

We are receiving regular updates from international, national and independent hotels and groups on what they’re doing to keep guests and employees safe. If you would like a copy of the action plan please email

Hotel groups are also keeping us up to date with the latest information on cancellation policies and rescheduling events and meetings. The good news is that our partners are very flexible. The message is don’t cancel, reschedule.

Booking Requests

Our Infotel and Findmeahotelroom reservation teams are still dealing with booking requests for accommodation throughout the UK. Projects have not stopped so many of our contractors still need hotels and B&Bs. We also have companies who are looking ahead to June and beyond, requesting hotel bookings, rescheduling meetings and events.

For our partners who have an Infotel and/or Findmeconference membership, we shall continue to promote your hotels and venues, facilities and services through our call centre, our digital magazines and on social media. Campaigns over the next few months include Look to the Future, Support British Business and Support Tourism.

In the community

From a community perspective, we are in the process of letting community groups and our neighbours and residents know we are also here to help, whether organising supermarket and pharmacy runs or being that friendly voice on the end of the telephone if anyone self isolating wants to chat.

For clients with any questions or requests for further information relating to our Infotel, Findmeahotelroom and Findmeaconference booking service, please contact our Business Development team on 01775 843418.

In the office

We are following Public Health England and the World Health Organisation guidance for dealing with the outbreak of Coronavirus to protect our staff, clients and partners, whilst continuing to receive legal and medical advice too. At the beginning of March we introduced regular deep cleaning on top of daily cleaning for infection prevention. Our teams are not travelling to infected areas and are being advised on how to manage and control potential infection through regular internal communications.

We stopped shaking hands several weeks ago too.

We have strong business continuity plans and as the spread of the virus grows, we can deliver our services online, on the phone and via email. In the event of high absenteeism, teams are competently multi-skilled and able to work across different services as well as from home.

As responsible employers we are encouraging our teams to take care of their mental health by discussing their concerns with us, their families and friends. We’re encouraging people to only use reliable websites for their sources of information, like the NHS and websites, and MIND and MentalHealth.

In the meantime, we hope you and your families are staying safe and well.

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