Virtual Host Edward at Edwardian Hotels

Edwardian London extends virtual host Edward to corporate events!

We’re excited to share the news that our Findmeaconference group member Edwardian London are extending their virtual host app Edward to meetings and events. This follows the success of the app from overnight guests experiencing the benefits of Edward!Edward the virtual host for meetings & events

The innovative and unique chatbox was developed specifically to respond to guests requests in a way which would cause minimum disruption to their stay, and today, meeting bookers, event organisers and delegates can expect the same professional experience.

Originally Edward was able to respond via SMS to over 1,600 requests and today the chatbox has expanded his reach so he can accommodate the needs of corporate guests too!

Edward – the ideal virtual host for meetings & events!

Michael Mrini, Director of Information Technology from Edwardian Hotels told us more:

“We’ve had great success already with Edward and continued positive feedback from users.
We’re looking forward to expanding our service within the meetings and events space. Our in-house
team consistently works to create unique solutions to meet guests needs and combined with our
extremely valuable on-the-ground staff, we can deliver a bespoke product that is tailored to each and
every event we host.”

With the aim to making events run even more seamlessly, meeting organisers or delegates simply text Edward when they have an additional requirement during an event. The virtual host is able to support a range of requests such as finding the designated meeting room, having extra coffee delivered to the event space or pushing back lunch. Something as simple as turning on the air-conditioning, which could easily stop a key speaker’s train of thought, can be arranged discreetly with no disturbance.

How does Edward work?

The chatbox interacts with different teams and departments at the hotel. Requests aren’t limited or restricted in any way so if a member of the hotel team needs to follow up, the app is supported by live assistance. The self-service interface also has the added bonus of being accessible 24/7.

Experience Edward

Edwardian Hotels London is a privately-owned hotel group with a portfolio of luxury hotels which offer a fantastic backdrop for conferences, meetings and corporate events. Edward the virtual host is available at the following Findmeaconference member venues:

To find your preferred Edwardian London venue, get in touch with our team on 01775 843411 from Monday to Friday, 8:30am until 5:30pm or to browse the group venues online, click here.

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