Love is in the London Air

Love is in the London Air!

Love is in the London air for us at the moment because we’ve been looking at a selection of beautiful 4 and 5-star London hotels with a view to celebrating love! With Valentine’s Day fast-approaching you may have been thinking about asking a question of your loved one. And if that is the case, along with the ring, you’ll need a romantic setting to ask THAT question! You’ll want to know the champagne is on ice to toast the occasion. And maybe, if you’re feeling extra confident, you’re even thinking further ahead and planning that the place where you get

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The Top 5 Private Dining Venues in London

Christmas is coming and companies are thinking about private dining venues in London to entertain clients and reward colleagues. Private dining events bring an air of majesty to impress at a gathering therefore choosing the right venue is vital. When nothing but the best will do for potential team members, board members, patrons or shareholders every detail matters! Fortunately, London has a number of dining venues that are not only up to the challenge of providing superlative experiences; they specialise in it. The following five hot spots are the cream of the crop, so you should have absolutely no fear

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