A Hunting Lodge Christmas Party at Penta Hotels

For a memorable Christmas party colleagues can get excited about, consider the festivities organised by Penta Hotels. Renown for doing things differently, the hotel group have a fabulous theme for 2018; a hunting lodge Christmas party at Penta Hotels! The design and vibe of a Penta Hotel is very distinct! Fun and functional, comfortable and creative, simple and stylish. In the heart of their hotels, guests can really relax in the lounge areas which include a billiard table, game console and a 24-hour bar. Making it easy for party planners this Christmas, the hotel group are offering a choice of

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London’s Top Three Spooky Halloween Venues

Mad monarchs, avenging ghouls, cunning vampires, spooky witches and more– these supernatural creatures are peppered all over history and literature in the UK. And if you ever happen to be in London on 31 October, you can witness Halloween horror on the streets! For Halloween is the night when the dead come back to life and want to party. Witches soar above your head, spirits are whirling all around, ghosts are out in the open having a ball. And you? You’re sipping on cocktails and maybe showing some of those scary moves on the dance floor! Here are a few top

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5 Unusual Venues For A 30th Birthday Party

A person’s 30th birthday is a huge milestone. Young adulthood is now over and you’re in the prime of your life, so it’s definitely a time to celebrate! Now that you’re getting older, you’re going to want to celebrate in a location that emphasizes who you are! You need to find a venue that demonstrates maturity, class and fun all in one place! While this may seem like an impossible task, we have plenty of great options! Unusual Venues for a 30th Birthday Party England and Scotland offer a variety of venues to choose from, so how do you know

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Top 3 Sports Bars in London

The Top 3 Sports Bars for Hire in London

You can bet that some of your most fun memories can be traced back to a night at a sports bar with your friends, bonding over drinks and cheering for your team! Sports bars are at the root of nightlife in London and people between the ages of 22 to 45 favour them over clubs and high-end restaurants. However, it is not just the uninhibited team spirit prevalent in these bars that draws in their patrons. Sports bars are gradually becoming sought-after venues for private events, and restaurateurs and bar-owners are quickly adapting to tap into this niche market. Intrigued?

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Five Fantastic Hotels for a Conference

5 Hotels You Will Like for a Conference

A typical business meeting or conference can entail interactions with prospective clients. And you need to impress them with everything, from the setting to the service to get them on-board. A huge determiner of your conference’s success is the venue. The aesthetics of the venue not only show your clients the amount of effort you are willing to put in, but also demonstrate your tastes and preferences, and your brand’s ‘quality proposition’ in general. Hotels offer a practical, affordable and turnkey solution for many conference needs. Does this make the choice easy? Not quite. What to look for in a

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6 Venues for London Fashion Week

6 Venues for London Fashion Week Events

To the casual observer, London Fashion Week shows represent luxury, glamour, and decadence. But do you know what really goes on behind-the-scenes – how hectic it is to tie the narrative together, how everything should be synchronised like a well-oiled machine, and how important it is to provide an unmatched sensory experience? And more often than not, the outcome of the show hinges upon the venue, its location, reputation and amenities. So, booking the right venue for London Fashion Week events is more than putting on a good show; it’s about creating a spectacle, an illusion that enthrals and excites

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5 Inspiring Meeting Rooms in London

The 5 Most Inspiring Meeting Rooms in London

No meeting is held without a purpose. You may be looking to set the right impression for your clients by showcasing your brand’s quality proposition, to win your next contract, celebrate in grand style, or simply refuel your mind with like-minded companions. Nothing but the best of meeting venues will do. And because you deserve it, look to meeting rooms in  London for an inspiring venue to deliver the perfect backdrop to your event. London, as you would expect, has some of the most sought-after hotels with awe inspiring meeting rooms.  Consider one of the five hotels listed below for your next

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Christmas Party Planning Tips!

Findmeaconference Team share Christmas party planning tips!

The office Christmas party season is approaching so what should organisers be thinking about when planning the company’s end of year festive celebrations? One thing to consider is the time it takes to organise. From confirming the date to finding the venue and organising menus, travel and overnight accommodation, it all takes up so much time. Suddenly you can find yourself in the role of chief party planner instead of chief of staff! If you have been responsible for organising the Christmas party you know exactly what we mean! The demands are huge and you’re left with little time for

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Say cheers to the success of The House of Daniel Thwaites!

Independent and full of flavour is how we describe The House of Daniel Thwaites; the collection of pubs, inns and award-winning hotels from the family brewery which began over 200 years ago. Many people will be familiar with the name of Thwaites from the collection of pubs and the brewery. In recent years, the company have been busy behind the scenes developing a portfolio of high quality hotels with conference facilities and spas. Quality, innovation, craftsmanship and warm hospitality were at the core of the business six generations ago and today, they remain an important focus in bringing all the

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Group of the Month - Radisson Blu Edwardian London

Findmeaconference Hotel Group of the Month

Radisson Blu Edwardian group of hotels believe in three important elements for successful meetings and events; space to think, fast and free WiFi and food for the mind. With large-scale and boutique hotels in some top city locations, a meeting in a Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel in London is a stylish and sophisticated affair. This is why the classy collection wins the Findmeaconference Hotel Group of the Month. Radisson Blu Edwardian London is the Findmeaconference Group of the Month Always fans of style, the Findmeaconference team have selected this month’s group for its versatility and technology. Meeting rooms at Radisson

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